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2012 USCCP Economic Impact Report

By Rich Rosenthal, Rec. Supt.
February 01, 2013
For the third consecutive year, tournaments and events at U.S. Cellular Community Park generated economic impact in excess of $8.8 million for Medford’s economy during 2012, according to research conducted by the Medford Parks and Recreation Department.
Forty-five sporting and special events at the 11-field, 132-acre park during the calendar year produced an estimated $8.85 million in local sales. The 589 teams from outside the Rogue Valley that visited Medford spent over $3.9 million, which does not factor in a "ripple effect."

“Economic impact is the ‘return on investment’ for taxpayers, and citizens should be proud of this world-class facility,” Parks and Recreation Director Brian Sjothun said. “Investment in state-of-the-art facilities is good for park patrons and the community as a whole.”

If one job is created for every $43,422 in economic impact – Medford’s median income – USCCP theoretically created 110 jobs based on the direct spending of visitors.

Since its May 2008 grand opening, the $30 million municipal facility has generated over $37 million in estimated local sales stemming from 18,000 games and over 788,000 sports-related participants and spectators.
Parks and Recreation staff compiled the economic impact figures using empirical data-collection and analytical methods outlined by Texas A&M professor Dr. John L. Crompton in his 1999 book “Measuring the Economic Impact.”
U.S. Cellular Community Park is a municipal park owned managed and maintained by the City of Medford. The City of Medford and U.S. Cellular entered a six-year facility naming rights agreement in 2008.
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