Rental Rates & Policies

General Procedures
1. All teams, leagues, and tournament directors wishing to use the U.S. Cellular Community Park softball/baseball facility must fill out a Rental Application Form and submit it to the Medford Parks and Recreation Department within 30 to 365 days of the proposed event.
2. Submit the completed application form with a $25 application fee and a $150 refundable deposit. Make checks payable to City of Medford.
3. Applicant will be contacted by Parks and Recreation Department staff within 10 working days.
4. Upon receiving rental approval, the requesting party will have five business days to provide the Medford Parks and Recreation Department with insurance documentation.
5. The City of Medford will notify the renter of remaining rental fees and charges upon conclusion of the event. Final payment is due within 7 days after notification. Cash, personal checks, cashier checks, Visa, MasterCard or debit cards are accepted forms of payment.
Submit payments to:
  • Medford Parks and Recreation, 701 N. Columbus Ave. Medford OR 97501
Pay via phone by calling (541) 774-2400
Or pay in person at the Santo Community Center, 701 N. Columbus Ave.
6. Security deposit will be returned under the following conditions:
  • Cancellation occurs a minimum of 30 days prior to the scheduled event.
  • Application and operational policies and procedures were met.
7. The City of Medford reserves the right to cancel a reservation due to extenuating circumstances.
8. Forfeited games count as a game slot.

USCCP Priority Usage
1. City of Medford leagues, games and tournaments
2. Schools (per contractual agreement)
3. Revenue-generating events
a. Tournaments
b. Leagues
c. Games
4. Parks and Recreation partners, sponsors (per agreement)
5. General public rentals, including tournaments coordinated by non-local individuals or organizations.
Note: The City of Medford reserves the right to decline USCCP usage/rental requests.

Field 1 (315-foot permanent fence)
Field 2 (300-foot permanent fence)
Field 3 (300-foot permanent fence)
Field 4 (300-foot permanent fence)
Field 5 (300-foot permanent fence)
Field 6 (375-foot portable fence)
Field 7 (275-foot portable fence)
Field 8 (275-foot portable fence)
Charter Field (375-foot permanent fence)
Fields 10-14 (multi-sport fields permanently lined for soccer and football)

Harry & David Field
Contact: Carolyn Birch, (541) 973-2883

Tournament Director is responsible for obtaining, scheduling and paying umpires for services. All umpires must be 18 years of age.
Softball/Baseball Complex Usage Fees (Fields 1-5, 7,8) 
(as of Sept. 2016 - subject to change)

Tournament Rental Fees
Up to 16 teams: $25/game
17-20 teams: $23/game
21-24 teams: $21/game
Over 24 teams: $20/game
General Rental Fees
Youth Games: $20/game
Youth Practice: $15/hour per field
Adult Game: $25/game
Adult Practice: $15/hour per field
Miscellaneous Fees
Application processing fee: $25
Security deposit: $150 (refundable if conditions are met)
Lights: $15/hour per field (effective Oct. 2016)
Special field lining: Direct cost
Portable Fence Set-Up: $60/field
Portable Pitching Mound: $10/mound
Site Monitor: up to $15/hour (required)

Multi-Sport Field Complex Usage Fees (Fields 10-14)
(as of Feb. 28, 2018 - subject to change)

Multi-Sport Fields
General Rental fee: $30/hour
Youth-serving non-profit fee*$20/hour
Field lighting fee: $15/hour per field
Special field lining: Direct cost
Required fees for tournaments and events:
Application processing fee: $25
Security deposit: $150 (refundable if conditions are met)
Site Monitor: $15/hour (required)
Stadium Field (Field 10)
General Rental fee: $40/hour if spectator event
Youth-serving non-profit fee*$20/hour
Field lighting fee: $15/hour
Special field lining: Direct cost
Required fees for tournaments and events:
Application processing fee: $25
Security deposit: $150 (refundable if conditions are met)
Site Monitor: $15/hour (required)

* Fee for youth-serving non-profit organizations primarily serving Medford residents subject to administrative review of organizational and participation data.
Charter Field (Field 9)
General Rental fee: $20/hour
Field lighting fee: $15/hour per field
Special field lining: Direct cost
Portable Fence Set-Up: $60
Field 6 (full-size baseball, lined for soccer)
General Rental fee: $20/hour
Field lighting fee: $15/hour per field
Special field lining: Direct cost
Portable Fence Set-Up: $60

Required fees for tournaments and events:
Application processing fee: $25
Security deposit: $150 (refundable if conditions are met)
Site Monitor: $15/hour (required)
Note: Five percent of each rental fee will be directed into the field depreciation/replacement fund.
Operational Policies
1. Facility Management
U.S. Cellular Community Park Softball/Baseball Complex will be managed in a manner that maximizes facility use, efficiency and revenue generation. All USCCP facility users must secure a facility use permit or contractual agreement and abide by operational policies.
2. Insurance Requirements
Comprehensive commercial general liability insurance, including personal injury liability, blanket contractual liability, and broad-form property damage liability coverage is required. Minimum limits:
Aggregate - $2,000,000
Products - $1,000,000
Personal & Advertising Injury - $1,000,000 and Each Occurrence - $500,000

The City of Medford (its officers, employees and agents while acting within the scope of their duties as such) must be named as second insured, including cross-reference on an endorsement page
3. Prohibited Items
The following items are prohibited at U.S. Cellular Community Park facilities:
a.Any item or substance that may damage, stain or permanently alter facilities, structures or playing surfaces
b.Sunflower seeds
c.Chewing gum
d.Large coolers and ice chests
e.Soda cans and glass bottles
f. Animals and pets (except service animals)
h.Skateboarding and rollerblading
j.Artificial noisemakers, including (but not limited to) megaphones, air horns, bells, whistles, clickers or other items as determined by Parks and Recreation staff
k.Tobacco products of any kind

4. Tournament Information
Tournament Directors or primary contacts are required to provide the Recreation Superintendent/Supervisor with tournament brackets and/or schedules within 72 hours of the event.
5. Code of Conduct
For the safety and health of participants, spectators and visitors, unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated and may result in disciplinary action or ejection from the facility. City of Medford employees have the right to ask anyone to leave the park if behavior, language or clothing is deemed unacceptable. Inappropriate behavior includes:
a. Physically or verbally threatening the well-being of an umpire, competitor, spectator or City of Medford employee
b. Fighting and/or aggressive behavior
c. Addressing an umpire, competitor, spectator or City of Medford employee in a disrespectful manner
d. Use of vulgar language
e. Endangering actions (e.g. throwing bats or other equipment)
f. Inappropriate gestures
g. Intoxication
h. Vandalism
6. Facility Supervisor
A Medford Parks and Recreation-selected Facility Supervisor will be present for the duration of most rentals. The cost of staff supervision ($15/hour) is added to the overall rental fee. If a Medford Parks and Recreation Department scorekeeper is being used, he or she will serve as the Facility Supervisor.
Parks & Recreation scorekeepers are also available for hire. Use of own scorekeepers is permitted and will be the responsibility of the Tournament Director to recruit, schedule and pay.

7. Concessions
Aloha Grill is the sole authorized operator of USCCP concession stands. Additional food and beverage sales are prohibited without express written consent of the Recreation Superintendent.
8. Award/Souvenir Content Stipulations
The City of Medford reserves the right to require the U.S. Cellular Community Park logo to be placed on clothing or other items distributed by softball/baseball complex renters.
Image color, quality, design and content must be approved prior to production by the Recreation Superintendent in order to ensure items meet specifications required by the Parks and Recreation Department.

9. Equipment/Souvenir Sales and Vending Permits
All vending and commercial sales require pre-approval from the Recreation Superintendent. If approved, a vending permit requires a City of Medford business license.
The City of Medford will retain 15 percent of the gross revenue of any vending operations unless other arrangements are negotiated. Fees may be waived if the renter is affiliated with a non-profit or school organization.
10. Accident Reporting
In the event of an accident or injury, the Tournament or League Director is required to fill out an Accident Report Form and submit it to the City of Medford Parks and Recreation Department as soon as possible.
11. Public Admission Charge
Proposed gate fees must be approved by the Recreation Superintendent. If gate fees are charged, the City of Medford will be reimbursed 15 percent of the cumulative revenue. The percentage may be waived for non-profit or school groups. The City of Medford reserves the right to staff entry areas and to monitor cash handling.
12. Facility Clean-Up
The Tournament Director or person(s) reserving the field(s) will be responsible for clean-up of the field(s), team areas and spectator areas after each game. Trash cans are placed throughout the park for your convenience. If additional trash bags are needed, contact the Facility Supervisor. Cleanliness is judged by Parks and Recreation staff in regard to refundable deposits.
13. Damage or Vandalism
Damage to the facility, structures or playing surface determined to stem from the rental activity will be billed to the renter or to the Tournament Director. Damage and replacement costs are determined by Parks and Recreation staff. Major damage will be reported to the Police Department and to the City Attorney.
14. Lost and Found
Items left behind will be retained for two weeks in the clubhouse. Contact Parks and Recreation main office at (541) 774-2400 for more information.
15. Banners and Signs
Any signage intended to be affixed to fencing, structures or staked in the ground must be pre-approved by the recreation management. Signs with inappropriate content are subject to removal at the discretion of the Facility Supervisor.
Signs may not block the view of the public, cause a distraction or obscure any facility sponsor signage. All signs must be taken down upon conclusion of the rental.

16. Weather Cancellations or Delays
Renters will not be charged for games or practices that are canceled due to lightning or unsafe conditions. The local National Weather Service hotline is 541-773-1067.
17. Alcohol
Alcohol is prohibited at any City of Medford park or facility without a City of Medford Special Event Permit and OLCC permits.

18. Parking
Parking is allowed in designated parking areas only. Overnight parking is prohibited.
19. Amplification
Amplification systems are prohibited.
20. Temporary Structures
Tents, canopies or other temporary structures are permitted in designated areas only. These areas may vary based on the type of event or activity. Check with the recreation management or with the Facility Supervisor for specifics prior to setting up these structures.
21. Footwear/Metal Spikes
Metal spikes are expressly prohibited. Rubber-tipped cleats are discouraged.

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Email: Hours: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

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