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Youth Indoor Soccer League
Medford Parks and Recreation's flagship youth sports program, where many kids begin their soccer careers. This introductory boys and girls league develops basic skills and teaches teamwork in a laid-back, recreational setting. Most of all, games are a hoot for the kids and families alike! The league schedule consists of six games (played on Saturday mornings/early afternoons), plus one 40-minute practice per week. Players receive an attractive, numbered soccer jersey and a participation medal. Volunteers, usually parents, serve as team organizers.
Current Season Information
Team Color:    Black          Practice:Wednesday 5:45pm starting July12
Coach:       Justin Cardinal
Team Roster
Steven Cardinal
Christopher Aguilar
Samuel Geil
Laila Valentin
Tanner Roesler
Joshua Moore
Paige Dawson
Lily Debeikes
Luke Li
Caleb Ranney
Team Color:     Silver      Practice: Thursday 6:30pm starting July 13
Coach:       Joe Schmidl
Team Roster
Quinn Schmidl
Emilio Serrano
Luther Ward
Carter Vedder
Bella Serrato
Winston Padgett
Richard Feliz
Tayven Wright
Jovanny Gallardo
Team Color:      Purple      Practice:    Wednesday 6:30pm starting July 12
Coach:         Jose Siordia
Team Roster
Sofia Siordia
Gavin Schram
Kyra White
Aiden Rizo
Allison Peterson
Christopher Alvarez
Eduardo Chavez
Dice Cranford
Owen Skulitz
Natalia Barajas
Team Color:       Forest      Practice:    Thursday 5:45pm starting July 13
Coach:   Danielle Craig  /  Jose Ascencion        
Team Roster
Anthony Coronado
Isaiah Lopez
Jesse Craig
Kieran Smullin
Myles Fogg-Johnson
Madison Campbell
Roman Campana
Josue Gonzalez
Avery Kezer
Dana Li
Kayla Li

Team Color:           Black         Practice:       Thursday 6:30pm  starting July 13
Coach:           Ruth Moncus
Team Roster
Diego Alcaraz
Benjamin Quintero
Venessa Gallardo
Kristian Herrera
Zennon Zacha
Team Color:        Red             Practice:         Wednesday 5:45pm   starting July12
Coach:            Jaime Arizaga
Team Roster
Genesis Guitron
Brooklyn Walston
Lisandro Arizaga
Camila Barajas
Maximus Dodd
James Debeikes
Riker Horton
Team Color:      Forest Green     Practice:          Thursday 5:45pm     starting  July13
Coach:            Christian Fogg-Johnson
Team Roster
Elizabeth Fogg-Johnson
Toby Byers
Cheveyo Blake
Savannah Hatfield
Kayven Flinders
Liam Padgett
Team Color:      Blue              Practice:               Wednesday 6:30pm    Starting July 12
Coaches:           Rick and Ginny Samuelson
Team Roster
Maycee Samuelson
Casen Matta-Cash
Olivia Tang
Jordyn Strigle
Adan Luna
Gabriel Teran
Josiah Gomez      

Team Pictures: please arrive 30 minutes before your team's scheduled game time. Make sure to get a picture order form from your coach.

Summer 2017 Season
Age Groups: 4-5; 6-8
Registration Deadline: Wednesday June 21 5pm
Fee: $38/resident; $44/non-resident
Parent Meeting: Wed June 21, 5:45 pm, Santo Community Center
Coach Meeting: Wed. June 28, 5:45 p.m., Santo Community Center
Practices: One Weeknight (Wed-Thurs. evenings beginning July 10)
Practice Location: Santo Center Main Hall
Program Duration: July 15 thru Aug 19
Games: Saturdays 10am to as needed, Santo Center Gymnasium
Picture day:  July 22 --arrive 30 minutes before your game for Pictures



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