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Youth Indoor Soccer League
Medford Parks and Recreation's flagship youth sports program, where many kids begin their soccer careers. This introductory boys and girls league develops basic skills and teaches teamwork in a laid-back, recreational setting. Most of all, games are a hoot for the kids and families alike! The league schedule consists of six games (played on Saturday mornings/early afternoons), plus one 40-minute practice per week. Players receive an attractive, numbered soccer jersey and a participation medal. Volunteers, usually parents, serve as team organizers.
Current Season Information
Team Color: Forest           Practice:Thursday 5:45pm  starting  February 1
Coaches:   Martin Buchert and Peter Samarin   
Team Roster:
Dana B.
Andon S.
Silas G.
Christopher A.
Josue A.
Liam C.
Devlyn M.
Jovanny G.
William K.

Team Color:  Blue         Practice: Monday 5:45pm  starting  January 29
Coaches :     Jeff Williams and Jose Andrade
Team Roster
Drew W.
Isaac A.
Kenneth G.
Sawyer J.
Dawson J.
Christopher A.
Gabriel C.
Breanne E.
Sophia G.

Team Color: Gray           Practice:  Tuesday 5:45pm  starting January 30
Coaches:    Ben Mcreynolds and Nick Mcdaniel    
Team Roster:
Sawyer M.
Owen M.
Drake F.
Liam M.
Ellie M.
Mikayla M.
Jaxen J.
Kaiden B.
Grayson S.
Adrian I.

Team Color: Red         Practice: Wednesday 5:45    starting January 31
Coach:  Robert Penner      
Team Roster:
Dylan P.
Bonnie C.
Lauren D.
Nathan E.
Tanner R.
Julian M.
Bryce S.
Elilliano T.
Gabe T.
Bryson R.

Team Color: Lime        Practice  Wednesday 6:30  starting January 31
Coaches:  Clint Oborn and Quinn Cutler
Team Roster:
Oliver O.
Eliot O.
Emet C.
Samuel C.
Emiliano R.
Andrea R.
Mckenna K.
Liam L.
Alissa R.

Team Color:  Black  Practice   Tuesday 5:45 pm starting January 30
Coach: Clint Picton and Quinnan Picton  
Team Roster:
Calvin P.
Owen G.
Adrian G.
Alexander G.
Alina M.
Brooklyn M.
Cooper N.
Logan L.
Team Color:  Gold   Practice  Monday 5:45 pm    starting January 29
Coaches:  Cassie Rose and Kari Doshier
Team Roster:
Cienna R.
Benjamin D.
Ranger C.
Jace W.
Carter V.
Hunter G.
Emily N.
Alberto N.
Mason R.

Team Color: Lt Blue    Practice Thursday 6:30 pm    starting February 1
Coaches:  Joshua Seeley and Tasha Sanborn
Team Roster:
Leo S.
Aiden R.
Jack M.
Arjen C.
Megan P.
Graham M.
Daniel V.
Taj W.

Team Color:  Orange               Practice:   Thursday 6:30pm  starting February 1
Coach:    Sam Bickel
Team Roster:
Jackson B.
Nevaeh J.
Bronx S.
Diego A.
Samantha P.
Ainsley M.
Benjamin Q.
Theo G.

Team Color:  Black                  Practice:  Tuesday 6:30 pm   starting January 30
Coaches:       Quinnan Picton and Clint Picton   
Team Roster:
Mia P.
Carter J.
Brittani M.
Emmaunuel S.
Manuel M.
Thomas N.
Adrian T.
Marshall W.

Team Color: Gray       Practice:   Tuesday 6:30 pm      starting  January 30
Coach:    Jessica Reilly      
Team Roster:
Minya J.
Giselle L.
Sylis B.
Tobey B.
Geness G.
Isaiah L.
Riker H.

Team Color:   Gold           Practice:  Thursday 5:45 pm      Starting  February 1
Coaches:  Connie Clarstrom       
Team Roster :  
Michael C.
Diego C.
Trent C.
Kyra W.
Vanessa G.
Colbie W.
Asher L.
Xander B.C.
Team Color: Forest            Practice Monday 6:30pm    starting January 29
Coaches  :Andrea Gee and Amber Friend
Team Roster:
Alexis G.
Kya F.
Eternity L.
Benaiah L.
Justin E.
Kayven F.
Johnathan M.
Zahir M.
Team Color: Red         Practice  Wednesday 6:30 pm     starting  January 31
 Coaches:   Chris Endrikat
Team Roster:
Bodie E.
Jack J.
Rocco P.
Maximus D.
Rush W.
Jordyn S.
Jimena V.
Javier V.
Team Color: Blue        Practice  Monday 6:30 pm  starting  January 29
Coaches:    Phil Koons  and Jeff Wiliams
Team Roster:
Isabella K.
Luke W.
Cale B.
Karsen K.
James D.
Sofia S.
Aiden G.
Dylan A.
Team Color:  Purple     Practice  Wednesday 5:45 pm   Starting  January 31
Coaches:  Kyle Lumsden
Team Roster :
Wyatt L.
Emarie B.
Cristian S.
Isaiah B.
Leroy S.
Kellan S.
Brandon D.
Chase R.

Team Pictures: please arrive 30 minutes before your team's scheduled game time. Make sure to get a picture order form from your coach.

Winter 2018 Season
Age Groups: 4-5; 6-8
Registration Deadline: Wednesday Jan 17 5pm
Fee: $39/resident; $45/non-resident
Parent Meeting: Wed Jan 17 5:45 pm, Santo Community Center
Coach Meeting: Wed. Jan 24 , 5:45 p.m., Santo Community Center
Practices: One Weeknight (Mon-Thurs. evenings beginning Jan 29 2018
Practice Location: Santo Center Main Hall
Program Games Duration: Feb  3 thru Mar 10
Games: Saturdays 10am to as needed, Santo Center Gymnasium
Picture day:  Feb 10 --arrive 30 minutes before your game for Pictures



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