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Youth Indoor Soccer League
Medford Parks and Recreation's flagship youth sports program, where many kids begin their soccer careers. This introductory boys and girls league develops basic skills and teaches teamwork in a laid-back, recreational setting. Most of all, games are a hoot for the kids and families alike! The league schedule consists of six games (played on Saturday mornings/early afternoons), plus one 40-minute practice per week. Players receive an attractive, numbered soccer jersey and a participation medal. Volunteers, usually parents, serve as team organizers.
Current Season Information
Spring 2018

2018 Spring Indoor Soccer Rosters

Players are listed with the first initial of their last name, followed by first name.





Coach: Joe S.

Coach: Derek P. & Matt R.

Coach: Heriberto R.

Practices: Tuesday 5:45p

Practices: Monday, 5:45 pm              

Practices: Monday 5:45p

Court 1

Court 1

Court 2

C., Conner

Ag., Christopher

G., Jade

C., Ryder

B., James

G., Sarah

E., Parker

C., Liam

K., Jared

E., Chandler

F., Drake

O., Julian

M., Ayla

N., Cruz

R., Mason

R., Aiden

P., Ben

R., Allisa

S., August

P., Coralyn

S., Jerimey

S., Isaac

R., Jacob

V., Carter

Z., Paxton









Coach: Laura A. / Hillary L.

Coach: Paul H.

Coach: Oscar A.-R.

Practices: Wednesday 5:45p

Practices: Wednesday, 5:45p

Practices: Monday 6:30p

Court 1

Court 2

Court 2

A., Jace

F., Roman

A., Jacqueline

A., Trae

G., Jack

I., Thiago

J., Sawyer

H., Emmett

G., Daniel

K., Evelyn

H., Decker

G., Kenneth

L., Thadeus

J., Charlotte

H., Landon

L., Eli

M., Sophia

H., Cruz

S., Aiden

P., Kashton

K., Ethan

V., Daniel

R., Elliott

N., Oliver

Z.., Roman







Coach: Tony C.

Coach: Cesar B. /Yvette B.


Practices: Thursday 5:45p

Practices: Thursday, 6:30p


Court 1

Court 2


Al., Christopher

B., Lionel


C., Hunter

C., Anthony

H., Malakai

C., Arjen


H., William

D., Alena


I., Adrian

E., Isaac


K., Mckenna

F., Ryland


R., Latigo

N., Alberto


S., Tyler

S., Luther



2018 Spring Indoor Soccer Rosters

Players are listed with the first initial of their last name, followed by first name.




Coach: Joe S. / Kuldeep KC

Coach: Cerona B./Kevin B.

Practices: Tuesday, 6:30p

Practices: Wednesday, 6:30 pm

Court 1

Court 1

B., Macy

B., Hayden

B., Tobey

L., Giselle

C., Paisley

L., Benalah

K, Nirvana

M., Maria

C., Elise

M., Sophie

S., Qunn

N., Christain

W., Logan

R., Ashtyn

W., Isaac

R., Madox







Coach: Sarah Jones

Coach: Shawn C.

Practices: Wednesday, 6:30

Practices: Thursday, 5:45 pm

Court 2

Court 2

C., Trent

A., Lucian

F., Azrael

C., Blake

G., Isabella

C., Daniel

J., Dawson

C., Elise

L.- V., Jimena

F., Tristen

M., Wesley

H., Andre

R., Tanner

H., Madeleine

R., Clark

I., Caleb

V., Javier

M., Anisha


S., Jayden



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