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Youth Indoor Soccer League
Medford Parks and Recreation's flagship youth sports program, where many kids begin their soccer careers. This introductory boys and girls league develops basic skills and teaches teamwork in a laid-back, recreational setting. Most of all, games are a hoot for the kids and families alike! The league schedule consists of six games (played on Saturday mornings/early afternoons), plus one 40-minute practice per week. Players receive an attractive, numbered soccer jersey and a participation medal. Volunteers, usually parents, serve as team organizers.
Current Season Information
Team Color: Black          Practice:Tuesday 5:45 pm  starting Oct 3
Coach:    Scott Gottula and Ben Meredith   
Team Roster
Rowen Gottula
River Meredith
Justin Lee
Aarya Tuell
Chauncey Stonelake
Leo Esselstrom
Sahara Daven
Nolan McClenathan
Emma York
Bentley Williams
Ethan Kinney
Team Color: Forest          Practice:Thursday 5:45pm  starting Oct 5
Coach:  Kyle Woodbury and Fredrick Wright    
Team Roster
Hudson Woodbury
Abigail Wright
Ezra Wencl
Creedance Walker
Carter Vedder
Logan Rodriguez
Kellen Robinson
Andre Hackett
Jade Gonzalez

Team Color: Blue           Practice:Wednesday 5:45    starting October 4th
Coach: Bob Gregg and Tristan Fish        
Team Roster
Sophia Gregg
Anthony Coronado
Cadence Shelton
Ava Stone
Isabella Grant
Dawson Jones
Max Lackey
Benjamin McCarthy
Logan Lamb
Tavian Silva
Mia Espana
Team Color: Lime         Practice: Wednesday 5:45pm    starting Oct 4
Coach: Roberto Ramos-Rodriguez and Maria Rocio Gonzalez        
Team Roster
Izel Ramos Gonzalez
Kenny Greeny
Aiden Soltis
Elias Howell
Alexander Ibarra
Emily Nunez
Alexander Garcia
Christopher Aguilar
Liam Cam
Mason Lozano
Team Color:Red          Practice Tuesday 5:45  starting Oct 3
Coach:  Robert Penner and Nic Proctor
Team Roster
Dylan Penner
Olivia Proctor
Liam Pemble
Byrson Rosas
Lisa Charley
Quinn Conner
Lily Drake
Harley Garner
Demitri Richards
Mason Ricker
Bowen Kearns
Team Color:  Purple   Practice  Thursday 5:45  starting Oct 5
Coach:   Martin Buchert and Desiree Elder
Team Roster
Dayna Buchert
Aleena Elder
Kyra White
Aaliysha Serrano
Emilio Serrano
Tanner Roesler
Aiden Rizo
Avery Kezer
Eli King

Team Color: Blue                Practice: Tuesday 6:30   starting Oct 3
Coach:    Tami Lee and Jennifer Cromer 
Team Roster
Jesse Lee
Logan Cromer
Kameron McCurley
Kyle McCurley
Cole Leavens
Abby Droullard
Casen Matta-Cash
Trent Charley
Alexa Wilson

Team Color:   Forest                 Practice:Wednesday 6:30      starting Oct 4
Coach:    David Lozano and Mario Cobian        
Team Roster
Natalie Cobian
Malaya Lozano
Lance Stone
Diego Chaparro
Lyric Sanchez
Ricardo Angulo
Brooklyn Walston
Javier Villa Lopez
Kevin Rodriguez

Team Color:Black         Practice: Tuesday 6:30pm        starting  Oct 3
Coach:  Travis Frohreich         
Team Roster
Addison Frohreich
Amelia Frohreich
Genisis Guitron
Marcelo Gutierrez
Aiden Calvary
Albert Rivera
Charlotte Pacheco
Gibson Miller
Reid Kearns
Team Color: Red                Practice:  Wednesday 6:30 pm      Starting Oct 4
Coaches:  Jennifer Neimoyer        
Team Roster 
Jayden Neimoyer
Beautifull Kyles
Unique Kyles
Giselle Ledezma
Alexis Gee
Kallie Silva
Christian Nunez
Dakota Whelan
Lydia Schmidt 

Team Pictures: please arrive 30 minutes before your team's scheduled game time. Make sure to get a picture order form from your coach.

Fall 2017 Season
Age Groups: 4-5; 6-8
Registration Deadline: Wednesday Sept 20 5pm
Fee: $38/resident; $44/non-resident
Parent Meeting: Wed Sept 20, 5:45 pm, Santo Community Center
Coach Meeting: Wed. Sept 27 , 5:45 p.m., Santo Community Center
Practices: One Weeknight (Wed-Thurs. evenings beginning Oct 2 2017
Practice Location: Santo Center Main Hall
Program Duration: Oct 7 thru Nov 11
Games: Saturdays 10am to as needed, Santo Center Gymnasium
Picture day:  Oct 14 --arrive 30 minutes before your game for Pictures



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